June 2nd, 2023 6:00pm - 9:00pm

FOUND:RE Contemporary and FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel are excited to announce the opening of their newest series of exhibitions, “WORK! COLOR! LIGHT!,” with support provided by Artlink Inc. This exhibition series will be a compilation of 3 smaller exhibitions “WORK!”, “COLOR!”, and “LIGHT!”.

“WORK!” celebrates the hard work and dedication of queer artists who have used their creativity to explore the multifaceted experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. The exhibition brings together works from Arizona artists who have used their art to challenge norms, question authority, and highlight issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community.

“COLOR!” is a celebration of vibrant hues, bold contrasts, and unique approaches to color in an artwork. The exhibition showcases work from Arizona artists who explore the impact of color on our emotions, perceptions, and experiences through their art. From the calming effect of pastels to the bold and confrontational use of bright colors, the works on display in this exhibition showcase the transformative power of color in art.

“LIGHT!” features an exciting collection of work that uses neon and LEDs to create immersive and captivating installations. The exhibition showcases Arizona artists who use light in innovative ways, exploring its power to create mood, atmosphere, and meaning. In addition to neon and LED artworks, “LIGHT!” also features paintings and photographs that capture the essence of light and brightness on a 2D surface. These works highlight the ways in which light can be portrayed though different mediums and techniques.

The opening reception for this series of vibrant exhibitions will be held at FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel on Friday, June 2 from 6PM to 9PM. This event is complimentary to attend. RSVP here -

FOUND:RE Contemporary & FOUND:RE Phoenix in-house art & culture curator, Jordan Zurn, partnered with special guest curator, Erik Shearer, to power this exhibition. As a member of the queer community, Erik shares in the themes and experience explored in queer art, understands the struggles, triumphs, and nuances existing within this community, and the importance of showcasing their “WORK!”

Congratulations to the selected artists:

“W ORK!”: Manu Aguirre, BrassTuna, Anna Brody, Manny D, Lee Davenport, Trea Christopher Grey, Reed Hearne, Jackson Kloog, Harold Lohner, Ashley Macias, Joel Maduro, Scott Stanton, Loretta Tedeschi-Cuoco, Maxx Valentine, Douglas Weber, and Summer Raine Young.

“C OLOR!”: Ilse Abril, Laura Ackerman, Lando Acosta, Amanda Adkins, Bradley Alan, Steven Allison, Gilat Ben-Dor, Lee Brown, Kholii Cubb, Half Shot, Miguel de la Cruz, Monika Anne Cunningham, Dakota Drake, Paula Driscoll, Becca Farmer, Jolyn Frazier, Goldwoman, Adam Gonzales, Winston Harrell, Timbre Haycraft, Reed Hearne, Stacy Holmstedt, Travis Ivey, Christina Kafalas, Dempsey Keenan, La Cobra, Chuck LaVoie, Liminal Layers, Aaron Allen Marner, Catie Menke, Dafni Milan, Noelle the Dreamer, Elissa Nowacki, Kelsey Phillips, Nicole Poppell, Andrea Pro, Joanna Proffitt, Dee Ruff, Marina Rynning, Christine Strait, Kip Sudduth, Too Fang Skinny, Charmagne Vasquez, Johnny Velasquez, Jeff Weiss, Reid Woodward, and Luis Zamora.

“L IGHT!”: Alejandro Acierto, Laura Amphlett, Kevin Caron, Jason Chakravarty, Oliver Charles, Valyntina Greiner, Jacob "Zesty" Hartman, Joseph Hanson, Jon Jeffery, Hank Kenneally, Lucas J. Knowles, Bill Pliske, Christopher Roche, Tara Sharpe, Kristin Wesley, Reid Woodward, and Gary Vulcano.

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