Randy Johnson 51 Frames VIP Invite

"51 Frames" Photography Exhibition by Baseball Hall of Famer, Randy Johnson

FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel is thrilled to debut "51 Frames: A Randy Johnson Photography Exhibit." The collection of work is currently on display now until Sunday, September 15.

The exhibition showcases the former Arizona Diamondback’s entire photography career, dating back to his time as a USC student up to his current works. Subjects range from landscapes and cityscapes to nature and rock ‘n roll.

"51 Frames" showcases primarily works that have not been on display previously. In addition to these is a curated selection from his previous exhibits at The Fenimore Gallery in Cooperstown, NY and The Scottsdale Center of Performing Arts.

All of Johnson’s work is located on the first floor of FOUND:RE Phoenix and is available for purchase.


The exhibition, in conjunction with Artlink, Inc. and Johnson himself, is part of FOUND:RE Contemporary’s regular schedule of rotating exhibitions. For more about FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel, visit foundrehotels.com; for more about FOUND:RE Contemporary, visit foundrecontemporary.com.

Proceeds of the exhibition benefit Artlink Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization that keeps the arts integral to our development by connecting artists, businesses, and community. Your support of this mission enhances the visibility of arts and helps strengthen Arizona's cultural fabric.

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