Fire/Earth: A Metal and Fiber Landscape Show

“Fire/Earth: A Metal and Fiber Landscape Show,” featuring Aryana Londir and Joan Waters, is the first of two landscape exhibitions spotlighting how natural elements are used in art.

Bringing together two elemental forces, “Fire/Earth” celebrates how the forces of nature can be used to create unconventional landscape art. Through the use of cotton (earth), fiber artist Aryana Londir is able to create depictions of dynamic cityscapes through the soft material of fabric. Using another element (fire), Joan Waters is able to create intricate scenes of nature through the forging and welding of metalwork.

This exhibition is open now and will run through September 18, 2021.

You can view this exhibition without appointment Monday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm by stopping by FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel’s front desk. This exhibition also coincides with the opening of “XSCAPE: Landscapes, Cityscapes and Mindscapes”.

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