"Black & White" Art Exhibition

FOUND:RE Contemporary and FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel are excited to announce the opening of their newest exhibition, “Black & White,” with support provided by Artlink Inc. This exhibition cycle will present the work of Arizona artists who explore the interplay of black and white, utilizing these two contrasting colors to create captivating visual experiences. The exhibition opens to the public on September 1 and runs through October 29, 2023.

“Black & White" will be hung in the first-floor gallery of FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel. The exhibition will showcase artworks that delve into the rich tonal and textural possibilities of black and white, exploring the dynamics between light and shadow, form and composition, and the contrasting emotions evoked by these timeless hues. The exhibition will be presented as part of FOUND:RE Contemporary’s regular schedule of rotating exhibitions organized by curator Jordan Zurn. The majority of works will be for sale and patrons can preview the prices online at foundrecontemporary.com.

Congratulations to the selected artists: Adam Scott, Alberto Carbajal, Allan Jamisen, Allie Giambalvo, Amy Menousek, Ana Isabel Villarreal Figueroa, Angela Adams, Annie Waters, Becca Farmer, Bill Keffeler, Bill Pliske, Bree Deverill, Brenton Tolbert, Briana Bedwell, Brielle Bishop, Carson Flanders, Chantelle Fulce, Chris Loomis, Cindy Snider, Cody Miller, Daniel Martinez, Daniel Prendergast, Daniella Napolitano, Dark Matter Astrophotos, Dempsey Keenan, Donna Ceraulo, Dylan Manzanares-Schnick, Elden Andrews, Erin Wilkins, Farnaz Mansouri, Fred Ullrich, FUNWOW, Gina Ribaudo, Half Shot, Harold Lohner, Heavyface, Heidi Dauphin, Hyewon Yoon, Jackson Kloog, Jacob Bush, James Sanders, Jeff Weiss, JereAlexandra, Jill Brownley, Jimmy Fike, John Vasquez, Jon Jeffery, Joseph Bilol, Keely Finucane, Kelsey Phillips, Kevin McLaughlin, Lando Acosta, Larry Willis, Lathenia Johnson, Laura Madden, Lora Lee Barnhiser, Malcolm Sky Glenn, Margaret Robinson, Maria Rivas, Marija Redzic, Marilyn f. szabo, Matthew Hunt, Michael Farmer, Michael Potts, Michael Tucci, Monique Laraway, N_Mori, Omar Soto, Pam Castaño, Peter Farago, Reed Hearne, Reid Woodward, Richard Mitchell, Rowan Mastandrea, Sammy Hodges, Sarah Simmerman, Shaunté Glover, Srivatsan Sridharan, Stacy Marko, Swapna Das, Talia J. Dudley, Tanner Christensen, Valyntina Grenier, Veralyn Johnson, and Zack Parker.

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